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Best Workspace for Graphic Designers (Chair Edition)


To be able to design, you have to be comfortable. My usual routine is to sit at my desk, open up Pandora, put in my headphones and get to work. Lately Ive been realizing that the chair I have has been causing my back to hurt. Granted the seat is almost coming off from much use and its not a normal computer chair ( more of a dining room chair). I decided to look up great workspace items/ and set ups.


Like I mentioned previously, my chair is falling apart. After looking on Amazon, these were the most aesthetically pleasing to me.


1. Avenue Six Curves Hour Glass Chair 

Not only does it match the decor of my bedroom, but can you say classy!


2. Boss B8106 Executive Chair, Black

All the title had to say was “Boss” for me to be interested in it. Looks pretty comfy too!


3. Alera Fraze Executive High-Back Swivel

The top looks pretty comfy, I feel like my back would think it was resting on clouds.



Archive for the ‘Daily RoundUps’ Category:

Best Workspace for Graphic Designers (Chair Edition)

Here’s a quick collection of great Illustrator tutorials found this week.

How to Create a Calendar Icon in Illustrator
“Learn how to design a calendar icon in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial covers the step-by-step process of designing this vector icon in Illustrator using tools such as: shape building tools, brushes, a round corner script, and multiple gradient colors. This calendar icon can be used in the next design or website you build.”



How To Design Your Own Infographics

“Infographics seem to be a real trend today, with new ones popping up daily on all sorts of subjects. From mortgages to ice cream, estimating software to infographics about infographics, there is very little now that hasn’t been ‘visualized’ in some form. Many people don’t realize that the term information graphic, or ‘infographic’ was first coined over 100 years ago, with the Coxcomb chart by Florence Nightingale in 1857 being one of earliest recognized examples. They have existed in many forms since then, but only in the past few years have infographics developed into the art form we know today.”


20 Beautiful Minimalist Icon Sets

“An icon is a great small graphical element for websites and must be chosen carefully so as to convey the right message.

Most people adore simple and effective icons. They are a primary source of assisting the viewers to interface the designs. These days the concepts ofminimalist is incorporated in designing with icons. The reason for this is that icons enhance the user experience and thus they need to be fairly minimal as well as expressive.”